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I’m an omnivorous culture vulture, a person who gets excited by both stand-up comedy and experimental poetry, comics and rom coms, power pop and hip-hop.

Recently I realized that much of my favorite art from any genre is comedic. I think I’m drawn to comedy because I tend to be anxious and confused. Comedy reconciles us to life by transforming our negative emotions/experiences into positive ones. As such, I believe comedy is the most useful art form. (More from me on the necessity of comedy for hapless humans can be found here.) I started this blog so I’d have the excuse to spend more time with comedy: watching, reading, going to shows and fests, and just thinking about comedy.

I made this blog about comedy specifically by women, trans, and nonbinary folk because these are the artists that deserve more attention right now, within the social and economic structures of comedy. When I look at the calendars of comedy clubs or the comedy section of Netflix and Hulu and my neighborhood video store (Casa Video I heart you), I want to see way more female-identified artists.

In this blog, I and my fabulous friends will be reviewing stand-up, literature, internet culture, music, film, television, visual art. Any and every genre is up for discussion, and we’ll look towards the past as well as exploring the present and creating a future. If you have a favorite funny girl-identified artist, let us know about her!

Thank you for reading,
Cybele Knowles

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