Month: August 2015

Kaleidoscopic Marina Franklin

By Cybele Knowles Last week, Marina Franklin did a GREAT set on Conan, which was a not-turn-downable invitation for me to write about one of my favorite stand-up comedians. First of all, though, I just want you to watch Marina’s performance…. Read More

Maria Bamford and Me

By Aisha Sabatini Sloan When I moved home at age thirty to live with my mother, I slept in the den because the apartment was so full of boxes, I couldn’t make a pathway between the doorway of… Read More

On Broad City and When Someone Doesn’t Love Your Favorite Show As Much As You Do

By Hannah Ensor “We should stop trying to introduce people to the things we love,” I said to my partner last week. We had just made my parents listen to an episode and a half of The Mystery… Read More

On Joyce Carol Oates, Stand-Up Comedy, Poetry, and How Each Genre Is a Special Snowflake and We Need Them All

By Cybele Knowles Joyce Carol Oates says a lot of unconsidered sh*t on Twitter and we should just ignore her, but I couldn’t resist responding to this: I wasn’t the only one to take the bait: in about 24… Read More