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Alt-POTUS 45: Take a Break From the Unending Horror

By Cybele Knowles There’s a different world where our president isn’t a dementia-riddled, hysterical, ignorant, racist, conspiracy-peddling, sexually-assulting grandpa. Where women aren’t so hated that 24% of us would vote for a decrepit, sociopathic monstrosity of a business… Read More

A Few Fave Female Cartoonists, Comics, and Illustrators

By Cybele Knowles There are so many great female comic artists, cartoonists, and illustrators at work these days. Here are just a few of my  faves. Brooke Barker Most representations of animals are as much depictions of the… Read More

On the Grossness of Being a Girl: The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

By Laura C. J. Owen “Maybe this dream won’t poop on my face,” sings Paula from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  It’s the second episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s improbable second season. Dressed up like a Disney heroine, Paula sings “I pee… Read More

The Girl-Sized World of Bizaardvark

By Cybele Knowles My favorite new TV show is “Bizaardvark” — a sitcom about teenage best friends, Frankie Wong and Paige Olvera, who write comedic songs and post videos of their performances to the the Internet. After gaining 10K… Read More

Kate McKinnon is the Future of Comedy

By Mika Taylor I’ve been looking forward to the new Ghostbusters since the all-female cast was announced. My great hope was that this movie would live up to the fears of its enemies and undermine the misogyny that… Read More

Laughing Alone in the Dark with “Baby Cobra” by Ali Wong

By Cybele Knowles I have too much to do these days and not enough time to watch, read, and listen to comedy. But after my friend Dennis begged me to watch Ali Wong’s Netflix stand-up comedy special, “Baby… Read More

“The Flarp Comes to Fort Chiswell Virginia”: Short Story

“Right there in the kitchen, the fabric of the universe ripped open. From the gash, an unearthly illumination rayed out. Then something that looked like a spectral octopus was oozing through. Crystal screamed like holy hell.” All-Girl All-Comedy… Read More

The Purity of Punk vs. the Production Values of Pop: A Fan of “The Maria Bamford Show” Reviews “Lady Dynamite”

By Laura C.J. Owen Once upon a time (2007), comedian Maria Bamford made a low-budget web series called “The Maria Bamford Show.” In each five-minute webisode she played all the parts: herself, her mother, her father, her sister,… Read More

No To Femism!

By Cybele Knowles Writer and comedian Rebecca Shaw started Twitter account Woman Against Feminism as a creative response to Women Against Feminism, a women’s movement that rejects feminism due to a set of fear-based and oppressor-internalized assumptions and… Read More

Unremitting Absolutely Fabulous

By Cybele Knowles Right now, the filming of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is taking place for a 2016 release. (!!!) What that means, sweetie darling, is that this is a good time to talk about Ab Fab, one… Read More